Using The Generator is as simple as coming up with an idea and telling us about it. From there we will discuss with you the time frame in which you need to execute your project and the resources needed. Once we have spoken with you about the project and have confidence that it can get done in a fair timeline we will find you space and you are off to work! Larger projects need a bit more planning (if only we had an infinite amount of space). If you would like to tackle a large group project we need to understand the details of your project in depth. Generally this includes budget, funding, material needs and long term installation plans. Please remember, this is not a storage space. When you are done with your project it is up to you to find a home for it.

The Generator is built to be a collection of people, talents and tools. We share our skills, knowledge and resources to help each other build our ideas. At the idividual level we are providing a large collection of skills and resources to help you create. In exchange we hope to encourage you to share your skills and resources with the larger community. It’s a bit like a school where everyone is both a student and a teacher. Artists teach carpenters how to paint. Carpenters teach makers how to build. And makers teach artist how to tinker. We call it a “Self Organized Collaborative Environment.”