artistThe Generator is home to a wide array of Artists working in many disciplines. Painters and Sculptors share space with ceramics artists, musicians and dancers. We believe that a broad range of artists in the same space¬†will help to inspire everyone to push the boundaries of their creative efforts, reducing creative blocks and sharing new ways to approach old problems. Our motto: “Help good artists become great, help decent artists become good and introduce everyone to the joy of creativity” is built upon the presence and support of every artist in the space.

We are a foundation for artists in The Generator and in our greater community to use for any and all of their needs. If you work at home or in one of the many wonderful art spaces in Reno you are always welcome to come and use our resources to help bring your work to life. The tools at our disposal can help reduce the costs artists incur, hopefully allowing everyone to produce more art!

All public art supplies are provided as a donation from the members’ of the space. We encourage artists to give back by providing canvas, paints, clays, etc,… to the space for young budding artists to use. We also ask that artists to help share skills between each other and the public in the act of encouraging both short term and long term skill growth.