buildThe Generator provides an enormous wealth of tools and supplies to help you build anything you could imagine. We are equally enthusiastic to help you build a desk or a monument. Our wood shop, metal shop, tech lab, cnc and laser cutter are here for you to use. And we expect you to take care of them. Being a Self Organized Collaborative Environment self starters excel here. But don’t be nervous if this is your first time attempting a project. We have a wide array of builders, volunteers and staff who are willing to help you if you just ask nicely enough.

We expect builders to work on their projects consistently to completion. The Generator is both a place to start and finish a project. Being builders, we understand how hard it can be to finish the last 10% of a project and we understand the value of a good gentle push toward the completion of a project.

Please know that every tool has a wide array of consumables that are not provided by The Generator. It is important that you provide replacement blades, fill welding gas tanks and replace wire that you use. We hope that most people will donate more than they use so we can spread the wealth forward to those who may not have the means to provide a $35 table saw blade.