As a nonprofit organization, The Generator relies on generous contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, and public agencies to support our many educational programs. Gifts are welcomed year-round, and are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Why The Generator?

The Generator is an internationally renowned makerspace providing a huge wealth of creative, cultural and industrial resources to people of all ages completely free of charge. Its mission is to create a culture of learning through skill sharing, mentor ship and encouraging everyone to take the time to actually build their dreams.

The Generator fosters and supports a vibrant arts, science and inventive community designed to spark creative thoughts within kids and adults alike. Our atmosphere is built upon encouragement and kindness and relies on the generous donations of an enormous community to move The Generator forward. Each year The Generator receives over 3,500 unique visitors from around the world who play, build and share with each other their ideas, experience and projects.

We have facilitated so many wonderful dreams, from an incredible array of beautiful minds. Your donation will help us bring many more dreams to life, creating forests of art, science and inventions for our entire society to observe and marvel in. If you have any questions regarding making a donation of any amount please email us directly at

The Space Whale!

Space whale visualization from back.

Space whale visualization from back.

The Generator is proudly offering fiscal sponsorship for The Space Whale project by The Pier Group. The Space Whale is a full scale stained glass Humpback whale mother and calf flying through the air intended for display at Burning Man 2016 with further installs intended around the world. The Space Whale is intended to be a testament to our relationship with nature and the need to work on long term technological solutions to build a sustainable path to the future and the stars.

We need your help, because without you this amazing project will not happen. We have had a number of generous donations and have raised about 15% of our $125,000 budget. We greatly appreciate your donations of any amount, and every dollar donated goes directly to building the project. We are an all volunteer team, who rely on your donations because this a chance to do something amazing that will help move our world forward.