The Generator is built to be a collection of people, talents and tools. We share our skills, knowledge and resources to help each other build our
ideas. At the individual level we are providing a large collection of skills and resources to help you create. In exchange we hope to encourage you to share your skills and resources with the larger community.

It’s a bit like a school where ever10685377_620553364738756_6050116370532586149_ny one is both a student and a teacher. Artists teach carpenters how to paint. Carpenters teach makers how to build. And makers teach artist how to tinker. We call it a “Self Organized Collaborative Environment.”

A self organized collaborative environment is our version of a “Self Organized Learning Environment” as proposed by Sugata Mitra. A SOLE is a revolutionary way to teach children. Basically children are given internet access and a question and they collaborate together to answer the question. The results have been absolutely amazing and we are trying to apply the concept to adults.

By providing the resources and encouragement to learn, create and invent we believe that people will, well, learn, create and invent. And as we continue to build our dreams, our community will grow. Increasing our talent and knowledge base, allowing us to create, build and invent even greater ideas.