One of our goals at The Generator is to encourage people to become and take on mentors. We work hard to encourage one on one learning in the space through active collaborations. When people work on projects together they learn together.

We believe that everyone has skills that are worth sharing. Skill sharing is a great way to make new friends, push projects forward and improve the productivity of everyone involved. Mentor ship goes much deeper.

Being a mentor is a chance to help a student become amazing, it is a chance to share the skills and experience you have with someone else and give them a chance to improve upon your knowledge.

Mentor ship allows a student to learn a skill faster, allowing them more time to improve upon that skill and move forward to a new idea or concept. It allows both the mentor and student to grow together. As the student will slowly pass the teacher and the 2 can grow their skills together. Both becoming better at what they do and further sharing it with others.

We like to imagine a world where knowledge is free to everyone and we can achieve this through mentor ship. Knowledge shouldn’t be locked away in vaults, and it certainly shouldn’t be locked away in a select few minds.