10387333_574125852714841_2078231137111628034_n (1)The Generator has a mix of classes and workshops that are available to everyone. The large majority of our classes and workshops are put on by you and our members with a handful of basics classes held by The Generator. Workshops are a great chance to introduce a group of people to a new idea or concept.

If you would like to lead a class or workshop just ask us when a good time is and make it happen. Teaching a class or workshop is a great way to share and improve your skills and make new friends and collaborators in the process.

By the way, we are open to all types of workshops and classes. As an open space we would like to see workshops and classes that are as varied as the people who come through our front doors. In the past we have had acro yoga classes, city interaction classes, metal workshops, 3d modeling workshops and anarchist principle workshops. A workshop can be skill oriented or well, just plain fun! The sky is the limit and we look forward to seeing what you can teach.