Large Projects

embraceburnsmallIf there is one thing The Generator does best it is being a home to build giant projects.  Since 2013 there have been over 60 large projects built at The Generator including Embrace, The Funnel, Dawn Patrol, The Hayam Sun Temple, The Ichthyosaur Puppet Project, Silicone Meadows, The Life Cube, Library of Babel, Luz 2.0, Micro, The Crystal Medina Theme Camp, Above the Limit, The Oracle and many, many more.

Every summer teams from around the world arrive to build their dreams. We have had build crews from over 50 countries including Israel, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Lithuania, France, Czech Republic, England, Belgium and Russia.

Every year teams working on Burning Man and Non burning man projects alike gather at The Generator to build their dreams. And every one of these projects could use a dedicated hand, mentors to help guide them and a huge array of people of all ages with a huge set of skills to help bring great ideas to reality. Each project is autonomous and one of the best ways to join a big project is to track down the team and to start helping.

If you would like to start a big project of your own, or you would like to volunteer on one please contact us and we will help guide you through the process. Please know that Large Projects take up a lot of space and we can get booked up quite early. It is always best to speak with us as early as possible if you are considering a large project as we are generally booked out up to 8 months in advance for the largest of the build spaces.