Resident Artists

WP_20150504_16_12_42_Pro[1]Resident artists are members with a small personal space to work in. In exchange residents are required to remain active within the space working on their art at least
twice a week. Resident artists are REQUIRED to help clean the facilities (including the Bathrooms twice a month) and give back by hosting workshops, providing mentor ship and generally helping everyone produce art.

We expect resident artists to be prolific and actively producing art during the entire time in which they are a resident. It is important that every single resident artist use their studio space as an opportunity to focus encouraging and fostering their artistic skills and grow into a more capable artist during their time with The Generator.

Artist Residencies are offered at The Generator in 6 month increments with a chance to renew every 6 months based on performance. The goal of the Resident Artist program is not to provide an artist a permanent studio space. There is a high demand for studio space and we would like to see our residents rotate in and out of the space. Using The Generator as a jumping off point in creating a successful career in the arts. Our goal is to help you become great and we ask that you help us do the same!

If you are interested in becoming a Resident we suggest you come in and start working on your own projects in the space on a daily basis as a member. Remember, anyone can come into The Generator and work on a project during the day if they clean up after themselves and take the project home at the end of the night.  If it is clear that you have a drive and a desire to create on a regular basis, and you are taking the time to clean up after yourself and help others we will offer you a residency.