Work Less. Build More. Play More.  Our goal is to foster a community that spends more time pursuing creative endeavors of the mind and heart, inventing and building, and spending a bit more time enjoying the beautiful world we live in. By encouraging more thoughtful, creative interactions we believe everyone has the power to change the world! We are here to share knowledge, build our greatest dreams and laugh the entire time.

“I Have an Idea!”

Using The Generator is as simple as coming up with an idea and telling us about it. From there we will discuss with you the time frame in which you need to execute your project and the resources needed. Once we have spoken with you about the project and have confidence that it can get done in a fair timeline we will find you space and you are off to work!

How it Works

The Generator is built to be a collection of people, talents and tools. We share our skills, knowledge and resources to help each other build our ideas.  Artists teach carpenters how to paint. Carpenters teach makers how to build. And makers teach artist how to tinker.


Here’s our 2018 breakdown.

Here’s our 2018 breakdown.


The Generator Inc. does not tolerate any form of harassment.  

This includes and is not limited to: offensive verbal comments or actions related to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, ethnicity or religion, deliberate intimidation, inappropriate/unwanted physical contact, or any hateful, violent, lewd or otherwise inappropriate behavior.

If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable in The Generator please let us know. If you do not wish to talk to a staff member or board member directly you can email us at feedback@therenogenerator.com. All emails sent to our feedback address will be reviewed and addressed by our safer space support committee. We are actively working to form a support committee to help us ensure that the Generator and our greater community is always an inclusive safe space. We’re working with industry professionals, counselors, human resources managers and other non-profit community spaces who have paved the way before us like The Holland Project. We take the safety of our community very seriously and we are actively working to create a comprehensive policy, a detailed & transparent action plan and a strong safer space committee. If you are interested in joining the committee or you’d like to share some resources please email us at outreach@therenogenerator.com.

For Press Inquiries: please contact Jessi Sprocket at Jessi@therenogenerator.com.

The Generator Inc is a proud supporter of KWNK Community Radio.