Using The Generator is as simple as coming up with an idea and telling us about it.

From there we will discuss with you the time frame in which you need to execute your project and the resources needed. Once we have spoken with you about the project and have confidence that it can get done in a fair timeline we will find you space and you are off to work! Sign up to reserve a workplace or become a member. Once you’re a member you can attend our awesome workshops to learn more cool things.

Want to learn more? Stop by for a tour and chat with our Front Desk Greeter.

The best time to come by is:

Monday 12pm - 4pm

Thursday 2pm - 6pm

Friday 4pm - 8pm

Saturday 1pm - 4pm

Sunday New Member Orientation at 11am & 1pm

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The Generator is home to a wide array of Artists working in many disciplines. We believe that a broad range of artists in the same space will help to inspire everyone to push the boundaries of their creative efforts, reducing creative blocks and sharing new ways to approach old problems. Our motto is: “Help good artists become great, help decent artists become good and introduce everyone to the joy of creativity.”

All public art supplies are provided as a donation from the members’ of the space. We encourage artists to give back by providing canvas, paints, clays, etc,… to the space for young budding artists to use. We also ask that artists to help share skills between each other and the public in the act of encouraging both short term and long term skill growth.



The Generator provides an enormous wealth of tools and supplies to help you build anything you could imagine. We are equally enthusiastic to help you build a desk or a monument. Our wood shop, metal shop, tech lab, cnc and laser cutter are here for you to use. And we expect you to take care of them.

We expect builders to work on their projects consistently to completion. The Generator is both a place to start and finish a project. Being builders, we understand how hard it can be to finish the last 10% of a project and we understand the value of a good gentle push toward its completion.

Please know that every tool has a wide array of consumables that are not provided by The Generator. It is important that you provide replacement blades, fill welding gas tanks and replace wire that you use. We hope that most people will donate more than they use so we can spread the wealth forward to those who may not have the means to provide a $35 table saw blade.

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Inventors, scientists and engineers are also welcome at The Generator. We have a wide range of resources to help with the inventive process. By bringing an idea into a public space we can bring people together to help move your idea from conception to realization. Our vast tool resources are meant to reduce your investment costs to allow you to experiment and build more than you could on your own.

We love having classes and teams working on more technical projects in The Generator. It is amazing to watch engineers, artists and scientists working together on projects. Each acts as the others muse and the creativity blossoms forth from their collaboration.

We are not interested in profiting off of your ideas. It is important to know that the space is always open to the public and photography is welcome. This is important to know if you are pursuing a patent or specific IP rights.