The Generator is a collection of people, talents and tools.

At the individual level we are providing a large collection of skills and resources to help you create. In exchange we hope to encourage you to share your skills and resources with the larger community.

It’s a bit like a school where everyone is both a student and a teacher. We call it a “Self Organized Collaborative Environment” based on Sugata Mitra’s Self Organized Learning Environment. By providing the resources and encouragement to learn, create and invent we believe that people will, well, learn, create and invent. 

Tours & Front Desk Hours

Want to learn more? Stop by for a tour and chat with our Front Desk Greeter.

The best time to come by is:

Monday 12pm - 4pm

Thursday 2pm - 6pm

Friday 4pm - 8pm

Saturday 1pm - 4pm

Sunday New Member Orientation at 11am & 1pm

None of these times work for you? Email JFry, our Community Director, at Jfry@therenogenerator.com to schedule a tour.


Common Shops

The Generator has a number of Common Shops that are open for everyone to use, including: The Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Tech Lab and The Sewing Room. Before you may use any of the tools in the common shops you must first be checked off by one of The Generator staff members or approved volunteers to ensure you understand how to use each tool properly. We have a number of dangerous tools and it is important that everyone learn to respect each tool they are using. We expect each member to clean up after themselves and others in the common shops. If you find that one of the common shops is dirty please clean it up. If the shops become too dirty we will close them until they are cleaned.

We encourage everyone to share and donate tools to The Generator. As such we have a wide range of tools with some owned by us and some owned by members of The Generator. We have 2 basic rules that you must follow before using any tool:

  1. Get Permission. It is incredibly important that you always receive permission from the owner of a tool before you use it. Even if the tool is just sitting out in the open.

  2. Return the Tool Better Than You Found It. When you use a tool you must clean it and replace any consumables you used before you return it. Consumables include any blades, bits, wire, gas, and parts that easily wear down over time. If you break it you need to replace it.



One of our goals at The Generator is to encourage people to become and take on mentors. We work hard to encourage one-on-one learning through active collaborations.

Being a mentor is a chance to help a student become amazing, and to share the skills and experience you have with someone else.

We like to imagine a world where knowledge is free to everyone and we can achieve this through mentorship. Knowledge shouldn’t be locked away in vaults, and it certainly shouldn’t be locked away in a select few minds.