The Generator is built upon participation

If you would like to work on a project, simply contact us or stop by!   We can help you find the lead of the project and make the connections. Big ideas need lots of hands to make them happen and even a small amount of help can make a world of difference. Once you’re a member you can attend our awesome workshops to learn more cool things.

Want to learn more? Stop by for a tour and chat with our Front Desk Greeter.

The best time to come by is:

Monday 12pm - 4pm

Thursday 2pm - 6pm

Friday 4pm - 8pm

Saturday 1pm - 4pm

Sunday New Member Orientation at 11am & 1pm

Large Projects

If there is one thing The Generator does best it is being a home to build giant projects.  Since 2013 there have been over 100 large projects built at The Generator including Embrace, Baba Yaga’s House, Puzzles and Prayers, Quality of Life, Stone 27, The Head Maze, The Great Train Wreck, The Pier, The Space Whale, Inside the Mind of DaVinci, Silicone Meadows, Temple of Mazu, The Life Cube, Library of Babel, Above the Limit, The Oracle and many, many more.

Every summer teams from around the world arrive to build their dreams. We have had crews from over 50 countries including Israel, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Lithuania, France, Czech Republic, England, Belgium and Russia.

If you would like to start a big project of your own please fill out our project application form. Large Projects take up a lot of space and we can get booked up quite early. It is always best to speak with us as early as possible if you are considering a large project as we are generally booked out up to 8 months in advance for the largest of the build spaces.

Every year we get more and more requests for large project space. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND contacting us before December 1st if you’re looking for space for the following build year. The first step to securing a space is to fill out our project application. We can only accommodate a few projects each year. Submitting an application or sending us an email DOES NOT guarantee you build space in our art studio.


Resident Artists

Resident artists are members with a small personal space to work in. Residents are required to remain active within the space at least twice a week and are required to help clean the facilities (including the Bathrooms twice a month).  They are expected to host workshops, provide mentorship, and generally help everyone produce art.

We expect resident artists to be prolific and actively producing art during the entire time in which they are a resident.

Artist Residencies are offered at The Generator in 6 month increments with a chance to renew every 6 months based on performance. The goal of the Resident Artist program is not to provide an artist a permanent studio space but rather to have residents rotate in and out, using The Generator as a jumping off point in creating a successful career in the arts.

If you are interested in becoming a Resident we suggest you come in and start working on your own projects in the space on a daily basis as a regular Generator member first. Remember, anyone can come into The Generator and work on a project during the day if they clean up after themselves and take the project home at the end of the night. To become a general member you must attend orientation which occurs every Sunday at 11am & 1pm. For more information please contact JFry, our community director, at


So you want to volunteer on a project?

The Generator is home, yearly, to projects of all sizes, some for Burning Man, and others for other destinations, even just someones back yard. The Generator does not have the resources to play matchmaker or field questions about all the projects. We do not do project management on the individual projects, and have no influence on the projects and their volunteers.

What we can do is post a notice here, for the projects, with information about the volunteers that are needed, and the contact information for project leads that are handling volunteers.

So keep your eyes on this page to see which projects are looking for which skills. Cheers!


The Generator hosts two big events each year - Haunted Mini-Golf the weekend before Halloween and The Reno Punk Rock Flea Market the second weekend in February. We are always looking for volunteers and artists to help make our events extra special. Please contact for more info.