The Generator’s Ten Principles

We are inspired by the creative community ethics as outlined in Burning Man’s Ten Principles.

6. Communal Effort – We have a lot to learn from each other, and we value creative cooperation and collaboration. Together we can build any huge idea you can come up with. Creation is less about knowing how to do everything and more about finding the people who make you stronger.

7. Civic Responsibility – With the freedom to do your own thing comes the responsibility of doing your part to uphold public welfare. Be safe. Be courteous. Make sure your actions don’t compromise your safety or the safety of others. Act with a kind heart and people will follow.

8. Leaving No Trace – It’s 5 minutes later and your mom STILL doesn’t work here. You must clean up after yourself. And while you’re at it, follow the Campsite Rule: Leave it better than you found it.

9. Participation – You’ve heard of Burning Man’s idea of “Radical Participation,” where no one’s a spectator? Yup, it’s just like that at the Generator. Everyone is invited to work and play here.

10. Immediacy – Stay with us; we’re going to get a little philosophical here. You know how sometimes while you’re going about your everyday life you can lose track of yourself, of what you really value? We’re not going to tell you what you should value, but we will tell you this is a place where you can hold onto your dreams, cultivate the heck out of them, and let them loose. We want to see you flourish creatively. We think that’s good for everyone.

1. Radical Inclusion – Everyone is welcome. Our dream is to build a home base for all people to create, play and laugh together.

2. Share and Share Alike – We’re generous with our time and resources. If you can be too, please do, but we don’t expect a one-for-one trade. We are looking for people willing to share their time, skills and resources to help build a greater community together.

3. Decommodification – Together people can do amazing things. We believe in sharing our toys, our tools and our knowledge and we expect that you will do the same. We believe in less commodification and more collaboration. We work hard to build on Decommodifcation yet we still need to pay for our building. Your participation and donations allow The Generator to flourish and grow.

4. Radical Self-reliance – Much as we love to collaborate, your mom doesn’t work here. You’re responsible for your own stuff and your own good time.

5. Radical Self-expression – Only you can be you, so do that. We don’t have a party line you need to adhere to. We don’t care if you fly your freak flag high, or if its hidden away in your code. Just be you.